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About Us

GLOBAL EYEWEAR is a wholesaler dealing in products that will complete all your optical needs. Our products are diverse and are of utmost quality.

GLOBAL EYEWEAR supplies optical frames in a wholerange of the latest designs, finishes, and sizes.
The lenses we carry are of superb quality and can be supplied to you in a whole range of powers.

GLOBAL EYEWEAR will also take care of all your needs for optical cases, nose pads, screws, and accessories.

Best of all GLOBAL EYEWEAR has been in this business since 1996 and has been supplying to the Ontario and Quebec regions. We are expanding into Western Canada.

Our optical products are priced to be most advantageous to you, the retailer.

We are a well experienced company and have seen OUR CUSTOMERS GROW THEIR BUSINESSES through GLOBAL EYEWEAR'S great service of optical products.

Give us a call and "see'' what GLOBAL EYEWEAR can do for you!



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